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Because we believe that the quality of our work is maintained at home with our high quality hair care products salon customers will always receive 15% off all of your take home hair care products.

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Basic salon services


Color Bar

The Salon One21 Color Bar is Wake Forest’s premier, interactive hair coloring experience (learn more about the Color Bar). Here’s what you can expect at the Color Bar.

INOA—Innovation No Ammonia — This is L’Oreal’s newest line of permanent hair coloring products and the first line of hair colors that are completely ammonia-free. You’ll enjoy a fade-resistant, odor-free hair coloring experience and lustrous colors that protect and nurture your hair. The INOA expanded color palette means you and your stylist can create a signature look just for you—your very own unique hair color and highlights. The INOA colors are rich and completely—and naturally—cover gray hair.

L’Oreal Professionnel colors — At Salon One21, we feel good about using L’Oreal Professionnel products and recommending L’Oreal home products to our clients. L’Oreal has been making hair products for more than a century. The company has a strong ethics program, and while L’Oreal continually innovates new products (such as INOA), it is ever mindful of its impact on the environment. L’Oreal does not use animals in product testing.

Expert, professional stylists (learn more about Salon One21’s commitment to training and continuing education)

T's Beauty Bar — T's Beauty Bar features an array of beauty products for all of your beauty needs including hair care, skin care, and makeup.

Premier Salon Services

Balayage European free-style highlighting.

Coppola Keratin smoothing complex—Straighten and nurture dull, damaged or frizzy hair. Many hair-straightening techniques use chemicals to break and restructure the bonds in your hair shaft. However, Salon One 21 uses keratin, which is naturally found in hair. Keratin smoothes you hair by coating and replenishing individual strands of hair. It even works on color-treated hair.

Thermal straightening—Whether you’re looking for a fresh new look, or just want to tame your curly, frizzy hair, thermal straightening does the job while preserving the health of your hair. After thermal straightening, you can face North Carolina’s ubiquitous humidity confident your hair will continue to look smooth and luxurious.

We are Balayage Experts

Have you ever seen someone with soft, radiant highlights and wonder: what exotic tropical place did she just return from? Chances are, she hasn’t been on vacation but has indulged in a free form style of highlighting called balayage. When you visit Salon One21, you, too, can have that just-got-back-from-vacation look all year round.

Balayage is a European style of hair color. Instead of using foils to create highlights, your Salon One21 stylist uses a brush to create soft, natural highlights. With traditional foils, your stylist applies highlight color evenly from root to end. Balayage allows your stylist to alter the application along the strands of hair, making them lighter at the roots and thicker towards the ends. Just as the masters used the right colors and the right brush strokes to create a work of art, you can turn your hair into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with Balayage. You’ll also avoid that grown out look, and your hair will remain soft and healthy.

Balayage has grown in popularity over the past five years. However, it’s still a specialty service and many salons are not yet offering it. At Salon One21, our hairstylists have been extensively trained and are experts in the balayage technique.

The key to perfect balayage highlights are the right color, a skilled stylist and proper on-going care. At Salon One21’s Color Bar, you and your stylist can select highlights that flatter your skin tones and complement your hair color. And, with the right L’Oreal products for home use, you’ll preserve your highlights and nurture your colored hair. Balayage at Salon One21: relax, we’ve got you covered.

L’Oreal Professionnel products

Salon One21 has incorporated the European concept of the Color Bar, an interactive experience where you can create your own signature hair color or highlights. In the Salon One21 Color Bar, you’ll enjoy an intimate, thorough color consultation with your stylist in a bright, contemporary setting.

Salon One21 uses L’Oreal Professionnel’s luxury lines Serie Expert, Texture Expert and Serie Nature. You‘ll find their collection of colors is virtually limitless and they guarantee the longevity of your hair color & style when using their top-of-the-line products. All are fade resistant, deeply nourishing and will thoroughly cover even the most persistent gray hair. Your salon hair coloring treatment will include L’Oreal’s Powerdose, a pharmaceutical-grade conditioning treatment, and we’ll send you home with the right products to care for your hair between visits. Ask your stylist today for a recommendation of products for your at home hair care.

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