What is Balayage?

Have you ever seen someone with soft, radiant highlights and wonder:  what exotic tropical place did she just return from? Chances are, she hasn’t been on vacation but has indulged in a free form style of highlighting called balayage.

When you visit Salon One21, you, too, can have that Balayage Hair Color Techniquejust-got-back-from-vacation-look—all year round.

Balayage is a European style of hair color. Instead of using foils to create highlights, your Salon One21 stylist uses a brush to create soft, natural highlights. With traditional foils, your stylist applies highlight color evenly from root to end. Balayage allows your stylist to alter the application along the strands of hair, making them lighter at the roots and thicker towards the ends. Just as the masters used the right colors and the right brush strokes to create a work of art, you can turn your hair into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with Balayage. You’ll also avoid that grown out look, and your hair will remain soft and healthy.

Balayage has grown in popularity over the past five years. However, it’s still a specialty service and many salons are not yet offering it. At Salon One21, our hairstylists have been extensively trained and are experts in the balayage technique.

The key to perfect balayage highlights are the right color, a skilled stylist and proper on-going care. At Salon One21’s Color Bar, you and your stylist can select highlights that flatter your skin tones and complement your hair color. And, with the right L’Oreal products for home use, you’ll preserve your highlights and nurture your colored hair. Balayage at Salon One21: relax, we’ve got you covered.